Hello & Welcome to Matt's Website

I usually don't speak in the 3rd Person, don't worry.  It's MY website.

Hi, I'm Matt, Everyman goofball with a heart of gold, who dabbles in acting, writes screenplays and stories and other words, and stands in front of live audiences and telling jokes... for laughs.

I won't keep those of you in a rush, go right ahead and click above on Resume to check out my credits. Photos will give you a slideshow of my current shots, and Reels gives you a chance to see me in motion.

To find out a bit more about me, check out my Bio to see where I've been, News to see what's in store, and Contact to get in touch with me and my reps and check out some links to my IMDB page and my Facebook page and all that stuff that the kids are doing these days. 

So feel free to explore my one stop shop for all things Siegan, and I'll get the lights after you leave. Thanks and enjoy.

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